Change of plans tonight..

Movie maybe tomorrow, better things to do tonight lol (:

Just came in from seeing Hangover 2.

Going to see it again tomorrow with a close personal friend..

It was over-the-top and failed at being better than the first. Seems like the director and writers just tried to replicate the first movie and adapt it to a different setting and a few different people. Didn’t really do it for me. Not a must see..

Only reason I’m going again tomorrow is because i don’t break promises and i particularly like this person’s company..


Trying to find myself as an individual

The world is so typical and I’m just tryna be above it.

I have a lot of shit I wanna say

But after a while, I just got tired of talking you know

Thinking about getting a Class M (motorcycle) license

Gonna go to the DMV to pick up the book soon, really excited (:


cycle of relationships. move on.


cycle of relationships. move on.

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Think before you act.

Some decisions are much more permanent than you think.

What happened?

I scroll down my dashboard every day and all I see are the same things. Reblogged pictures of weed, celebrities, sex and outrageously gorgeous women that I’ll never find in real life. The pictures and stuff are cool but I thought tumblr was a blogging website. I can count on two hands the number of people I follow who actually blog. Maybe I’m weird but I like text posts. Reading about someone’s day or how they feel at the moment or what they’re going through is much more interesting to me then a thousand reblogged porn gifs. I’m not saying that people should never reblog things, the button is there for a reason and should be used. I would just like for tumblr to be slightly more personal. if everyone sits and reblogs all day then everyone’s blog looks the same. That defeats the purpose of even having one.