Text language

When you’re texting or talking over the Internet sooo much gets lost because of the absence of your voice. My mom always told me “it’s not what you say but how you say it” and I’m starting to see that. When talking to someone the tone and emotion in your voice contributes a lot to what you’re saying. One sentence can mean two totally different things depending on how you say it.

Things like smiley faces and acronyms like “lol” replace what we lose in text sometimes but it’s overused sooo much that it doesn’t mean anything really. I’m trying this thing where I avoid using any kind of text slang just to see what happens.

Its only been one day and I’ve already been called mean by a few people. Got a 4 page text about how I’m “hurtful” and don’t care about people’s feelings. And a tweet that I posted got taken totally out of context by 3 different people. None of whom the tweet was directed to. And I bet none of those people would have even given it a second look if I put an “lol” or “jk” in front of it. That’s funny to me. But whatever.

Communication is hard enough already.

:o oh my god

:o oh my god

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