Thoughts of a young nigga

There’s so many things that go through my head it’s hard to keep track. My thoughts go everywhere from my family to god to my friends to the world to music to my generation to the future to the past to school to the government and the whole point of it all. My head is crazy, my mind won’t stop moving it’s like the only thing on my body that doesn’t ever seem to need rest. The activity in my brain has changed my life. I used to hate being alone now i sometimes just sit in a quiet place and think or listen to music. I’ve become even more curious about the world around me. I barely watch tv anymore because I can’t really focus on it. Only time I really do watch tv is when it’s something educational. I’ve become way more interested in learning. I have questions that I want answered. Not like school shit, but real life everyday shit that most people are ignorant to. A lot of shit has changed too, like the way i eat, the things i say and the way i look at shit. It’s like the more i think about shit the more i realize i don’t know. I used to think i had it all figured out, like i knew everything. I was wrong. I know that. Now I try to learn something everyday.

Hahaha, this shit is true

Hahaha, this shit is true

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People really be catching feelings to FAST.


I don’t know why, but chill I just wanna be friends NOT in a relationship.
People now in days always wanna be more then friends, NOT I .
You get’s no love from me.


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  • Artist: Kendrick Lamar
  • TrackName: Hol' Up
  • Album: Section 80

"Hol Up" first single from Kendrick Lamar’s first album Section 80. Gonna be sold on iTunes. Listen

I like her

And I don’t normally like any girl, I have really high standards.

Props to the photographer ;)

Props to the photographer ;)


My favorite shirt right now

My favorite shirt right now