I have this friend

from kindergarten till about 8th grade we were like brothers. we were always at each others houses on the weekends, chilled every day after school and shared all of the same friends. he was the closest person to me other than my family for the longest time. freshman year of high school was the first time we weren’t together. after a while we kind of lost touch. we went in two different directions. I was focused on school and basketball, he went the other way and got involved in the street. i used to see him around here and there but never for any extended period of time. it’s crazy how small the world is because i became really good friends with someone who’s like a brother to my long lost friend. so recently I’ve been seeing more and more of my brother from middle school. and i’m just amazed that even though we’ve both grown so much and we’re now so different, nothing much has really changed. it’s like we picked up from 8th grade and everything is back to the way they were. Every time we see each other his face lights up with excitement. none of my friends ever look as happy to see me as he does every time we meet up. it’s like i remind him of life before the drugs and guns and police and jail and all the other negative stuff just like he reminds me of an easier life when all i was worried about was going outside to play and ride my bike. we’ve grown up, changed a lot, lost touch then got it back and he still loves me like a brother. he’s one of the realest people i know and those are the kind of people i like to have around me. if he ever needs anything i’m one person he can call.

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Walmart - Mr. Ghetto ” New Orleans Bounce “¬†

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